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Our Films are made as a team, three filmmakers, directors each starting from their specific background.
This given derives inspiration and dynamics. We complete each other’s ideas, motivate each other.
On set we minimize the crew to the core-team to ensure spontaneity and safeguard the vulnerability of our characters.

Out of all these people we chose the ones which struck a nerve, we could relate to. The interviews we held turned into spontaneous conversations. We chose the locations, somewhat alienating them from their day to day reality. Each scene is comprised as it was a photo, shot from a tripod, no zoom, no movement.

We like our films to be associative, curate the different images to engage objective viewers
to look at the city and its people in a new and different manner, over and over again.

Film is made by: 

Directed by : Marieke Helmus, Femke Monteny, Yoka van Zuijlen        
Soundtrack : As Is - Brandon Bussy, Garth Erasmus, Niklas Zimmer, Manfred Zylla, Roderick Sauls
As Themselves : Nana Futshane, Lilah Boehnke, John Cartwright, Maxine Josephs
Actors : Dinah Futshane, Marlon Snijders, Christopher Beukes
Dancers : Zen Mlumbi, Chumani Matitibala, Sinetemba Tati, Mamela Nyamza, Amkele Mandla Nyamza, and John Cartwright.

Production : Marieke HelmusProductions  
Business management : Winke Rintjema  


For screenings of Cape Town Soup please contact

Marieke Helmus – Production |




For screenings of Cape Town Soup please contact
Marieke Helmus – Production |